The browngirl

Today I can say without question or hesitation that I am a creative spirit with a flair for the dramatic. I’m a tomboy all grown up so you may catch me in a dress with a beat face and a bad ass shoe. But I feel the sexiest in a vintage t-shirt, old navy jeans and a pair of chucks. I am an introvert by nature but I enjoy the adventures of engaging in extrovert activities.

I am a teller of stories and a terrible singer that won’t stop singing. I’m a closet nice girl, I don’t want people to always expect my kindness because I’m also the Princess of Petty and completely okay with being both. I am an over thinker and practical joker, I’m insecure about everything while trying to be confident about everything which makes me a living breathing hypocrite.

I am complicated, magical, sarcastic and kinda classy and with every bit of dopeness that I am, there is an equal dose of what the fuck. (**shrugs**) I love to love because it makes me feel complete. Last for now but definitely not least I’m funny, I mean really fuckin funny.