Daddy I Finished

Anyone who knows me knows that Father's Day is one of the hardest holidays for me...


This man is one of the reasons I am the woman that I am today.. He encouraged me to dream bigger, walk against the grain, not to be silent just cause it makes people feel better...above all question everything


This man is the reason I will forever love black men... I witnessed their excellence through his actions... their strength through his knowledge... their power through his gentleness... their charisma with his smile.... Their resilience each time he got back up... For that Daddy I thank you


From the second I took my first breath he has loved me protected me taught me how a man should treat his wife love his children.... Daddy I've never stopped missing you I thank you for the nights you've visited me in my dreams when I'm super overwhelmed I cherish those talks more than anything (even after death you still take care of me)


Happy Father's Day


As Always With Love


Air Bear

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