Meet J'Keera Stephens

My name is J’Keera Stephens. I’m an independent author trying to give a voice to women of color in the fictional book world. I’ve written “Oh For Thirty-Two: A Jersey Girl Story” and “The Happy Ending: It’s Not The Fairy Tale You Think”

I’m into Astrology and wanted to explore how the signs played a role in relationship dynamics. You see so many books out there about finding a man, keeping a man and yada yada, I just wanted to present a book about your everyday girl who’s still trying to figure it out while being single and over thirty. I wanted the stories to be raw and honest and I think I held true to that. Even if you’re not into astrology, you will find that the books are funny and very relatable.

Where to find me!

Right now I’m on Amazon as J’Keera Stephens, on Facebook as J’Keera the Author and I’m on Instagram as Du_Wop.


Relationships are hard and it’s okay to be single over 30. Just try to get through life knowing you gave it your all, be sure to have fun while living. Love yourself first and the rest will fall into place.
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